Wake Up!
They're all all around us!

-Aug. 2nd 2004-

First of all I write this article not in hopes of making people paranoid, but to be observant to the others that are around us. At first it may seem bizarre until you start to notice for yourself. There are these strange people out there that are very different than us. Here I will attempt to give some guidelines on how to spot them. These people are very manipulative and very evil. Often they stare at you with a deep hypnotic stare. Even when you make eye contact with them they will not look away. This look is referred to as the Reptilian Stare and/or the Psychopathic Stare.

"Dr. Robert Hare wrote in his book Without Conscience, that psychopaths often make very intense eye contact, or have unusually piercing eyes. Other researchers have also mentioned the "reptilian gaze" of the psychopath, resembling that of a predator about to consume his or her prey. Victims of the psychopath also often refer to the 'laser beam stare.'

Strangely enough, women often confuse this gaze with sexuality, and find it attractive. Many films depicting seductive yet immoral creatures such as vampires, often depict the vampire as having a very strong, psychopathic stare. Some psychologists have compared the psychopath to the vampire, or state that the psychopath has a 'vampiric personality' or lifestyle, as well as being parasitic."

Generally these people lack any real personality. They, if you will, are hollow inside. They are not outgoing and tend to be quite and or soft spoken. They also have a fondness for wearing black clothes. I am not talking about the Goth look but just average clothes. Often they will work at getting your attention, then they try to stare you into a trance. Also they will do this when you get them angry. A good example of their personality is Yoko Ono. She never showed any real personality and was very hypnotic by nature. In some pictures you can clearly see her doing the Stare! Saddam Hussein was very well known for the way he would stare hypnotically at anyone who disagreed with him such as reporters.

So why should we care? We should care because they are all around us. If you hang around them long enough you will get hurt or emotionally drained to a point of nervous exhaustion! In other circles they are known as emotional vampires sucking the life energy from you until you are a stress out pile of mush. Bottom line is that they are predators. They could be your boss, spouse, teacher, doctor, store clerk, etc. They could also be dating your sons and daughters. These people have no right to be involved in your life. All they seek is power and control over you while convincing you that you need them.

What is really disturbing is that they become political and corporate leaders of the world. So is it any wonder why the world is so evil? Is it any wonder why our leaders have no regard for human life? Why should they care about human life when they only look human but in fact aren't!

All in all my desire is that you take note of these people and avoid them at all costs. Once trapped in their web, they will make your life a living hell! Give them an inch and they will take a mile! What is most important is that you do not become fearful of them. Like sharks, fear acts like blood in the water to them. Show them no fear and they will back off. They're only interested in weaker victims.

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This is an example
of the stare as seen
in this photo of Britney Spears

Another good example
of the Stare James Spader.
Is his name Spader a play on words for Spade?
If so the Ace of Spades is a known as the death card.

Yoko Ono on the right

Guess who this kid wants to be. Note he has the eyes for it.