The Reptilian Agenda

Today we have a new movement lead by a man named David Icke. This movement promotes the existence and reality of the Reptilians. The idea of Reptilians is nothing new as it goes all the way back through time to the post era of Noah's flood. Reptilians have always been with us, but where never in the public consciousness until David Icke came along. It is pretty much the same story with UFOs.

There is much evidence to indicate that they have always been with us, but not until the staged event of Roswell took place in 1947 did they enter into the mind of the masses. Once in the mind of society, it then had to become folklore. In order to do this, the propaganda machine began to produce many B-movies repeating the same mind set that the aliens were here, and they were very hostile. This mind control from Hollywood is now at an all time high! There is a whole generation of children brainwashed by TV shows like Star Trek along with thousands of cartoons.

Reptilians according to Icke are creatures that look like humanoid lizards that can take human form and rule over us through political leadership. Also under the Reptilians we have the alien grays that take orders from the Reptilians. What is happening is that the governments of the world have been infiltrated by, and our working with the aliens. The major lie is that they are from outer space, but in fact they are from interdimensional areas on earth known as the spirit world. They control us from the forth dimension and NOT outer space. This outer space lie is pounded into our brains over and over again through movies and TV.

What David Icke has done is to push the Reptilians into the lime light and cartoons now fill the airwaves filled with reptilian and dragon characters. What happens is that when something comes to the limelight and the awareness of societies, it acts as a brink of knowledge hitting your head. It is then that the media steps forward and cements it in with mind control mortar, then in a few years you have a new (but old) excepted reality. So what is the purpose and meaning of all this.

Now that David Icke has created a new Reptilian awareness, we have now been educated to the fact that all the governments of the world are infiltrated and controlled by the Reptilians. This is stage one. After everyone is conditioned to this fact that the governments are corrupted to the core, then part two comes in. This is called a problem, reaction, and solutions.

The problem is that the demonic alien powers have taken over the world. The solution cannot come from mankind since they are all corrupted, so it has to come from somewhere else. There is now also a main thrust to bring about a world religion, but there is a problem. The world's religions are corrupt. Right now the powers that be are targeting the Catholic Church and their problem with child molesting. Also we see many scandals involving many TV ministries. Now that a problem has been pushed into the light, the next move is to create a solution. So what is the solution?

Once all government and religions have been demonized, the trick then is to offer a new solution. Now if all the governments are corrupted and controlled by the reptilians and all religion is foul, then society must look for an answer outside of us. The solution agenda is to look to the stars for answers. The call is now going out to the stars, "Come and save us."

The imposters from hell will soon to come and establish a new world government who will purge out the evil reptilian government, and then they will introduce and bring in a new alien government of the new (old) Stargods. They will also purge out man's corrupted religion for a new age world faith built upon witchcraft, mysticism and idolatry. It is then that a new world order and religion will be the order of the day. After 3 years of this new age of false peace, the these non-human Stargods will begin a process of death and destruction never before seen or imagined by the mind of man. It will be a time for the non-humans to cleanse the earth of all humans.

Needless to say there is a power greater than them all that will come to put and end to their madness. The real power that is coming is Jesus Christ the son of God and the true Savior of mankind!

"I couldn't help but say to him , just how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from another species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on the Earth together." -Reuters, "Reagan Images Star Wars," International Herald Tribune, Paris, Dec. 5th, 1985

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