The Monsters Are Coming!

-Sunday 9th 2004-

Ever been out on a clear and sunny day when there was not a cloud in the sky and you could feel the sun on your face. You then at that point make your plans to putter around the garden or or perhaps go for a long walk. While you are out in the sun you spot a white trail coming from an over head jet. You think nothing of it until a minute later you spot another one, then another. Within the hour the whole blue sky has turned into a whited sheet known as a whiteout. After it clears up, you notice that the sky is no longer blue but instead is a whitish grey.

NASA for the longest time told us that we were just seeing things and that what we were seeing was just contrails. Contrails is water vapor coming out from the jet and freezing into white ice particles leaving a long pencil thin trail in the sky. This trail dissipates within seconds. Chemtrails on the other hand come out thick and hang in the air for hours on end as they expand filling the sky. For years we were told that this was not possible and that contrails do not do such things. This is true except most of the time we re not dealing with contrails but instead chemtrails. Aluminum powder laced with chemicals and biowarfare agents.

Recently the government partially admitted that contrails do cause clouds. See

Every time chemtrails go up, people here get sick. People here begin to complain about strange colds and others complain that their allergies have gone through the roof even when the pollen levels have gone down. The most common complaints are sinus headaches and stiff neck. The basic effect that these effects that these chemtrails have is that they make people sick and weak. So what does all this have to do with monsters you ask. Well let us go back in time.

Before the flood of Noah there was a canopy of water that acted as a shield around the earth to protect mankind from radiation coming in from space.When the flood came that canopy of water collapsed and the ozone layer was effected too. It was not near as thick as it once was. It is after the flood that the longevity of man began to decrease. Because of more radiation coming through, man's life span began to shorten over the centuries.

In the book of Enoch we are told that the Nephilim giants corrupted their seed with the seed of animals. Obviously this would produce children that were half animal. The book of Enoch also states that there were many monsters born unto them. It is apparent in the book of the Giants that the Nephilim knew the flood was coming. Now in myths and folklore we see that many races knew the flood was coming. It is then that some of these races hid in the earth, sealed the entrances, and waited out the flood on the surface since God said all life on the surface would be wiped out in the flood.

After the flood came and more radiation began to cover the earth, the monsters within discovered something very serious. Because they were corrupted genetically, this knew radiation was deadly to them. The sunlight would actually kill them. Some of the more tougher creatures would be able to come out at night, but would have to go back in the earth by dawn. In the earth there are massive underground caverns that can house enormous cities. Even today there are ancient underground cities that have been discovered. One can be seen at: The question that needs to be asked is why did these people live in the earth away from all sunlight.

Note that almost all the close encounters between aliens, reptilians, monsters, etc. take place at night. The odd ones are seen during the day like Big Foot. Maybe the thick fir on its body helps protect it from the sun's rays. Interesting too that Vampires of legend can only come out at night when the sun is down.

Often answers like these took many years of research and piecing together to draw a conclusion. Things that would take me 10 and 20 years is now fully revealed and talked about in the movies and TV shows! Right now the world is being indoctrinated into witchcraft and they don't even know it. What witchcraft is, is a war between good and evil. It is a war between the new age witches of white magic against the black magical forces of satanism. Just turn on the cartoons on TV and see how the children are being taken in. Most of them are all about fighting occult wars with magical powers and using monsters and space beings as allies.

Now three times I heard references to to the aliens altering our atmosphere to suit theirs. One was in the Avengers movie, and the other two were in an episode of Stargate SG1 and the movie They live. So how is it that they are changing the planet. On the Stargate show there was a flying saucer that went around the planet spraying trails. It was to change the atmosphere for the coming aliens to live in. The problem was that is was making all the people of the planet very sick. Sound familiar!

According to NASA the so called "contrails" are creating a global warming. But there is something else that is taking place too.

"Global dimming: The sunlight reaching Earth's surface is getting feebler. Assuming there's nothing wrong with the sun, some unknown atmospheric factor is steadily darkening the planet. Evidence: In 1985, Atsumu Ohmura, a climatologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, checked sunlight records in Switzerland and discovered that solar radiation had declined a startling 10 percent in 30 years. Subsequent studies found the same effect in Ireland, Japan, the former Soviet Union, and at both poles, but scientists remained in denial. A 2001 meta study confirmed Ohmura's findings. Implications: This is an entirely unexpected phenomenon, even more off the wall than global warming."

Here we see that our planet is getting darker and the solar radiation is being lessened year by year. When we hit the magic percentage of solar radiation that is reduced, then the monsters will come. How will this generation of children react? "Oh look mommy! It's Shrek!" Most kid's will feel like they finally made it to Disneyland!

"So will I send upon you famine and evil beasts, and they shall bereave thee; and pestilence and blood shall pass through thee; and I will bring the sword upon thee. I the LORD have spoken it." Ezek 5:17