The Identity of the FNORDS

When I first saw the NBC reptillian eye picture, I thought that someone was trying too hard to see this eye thing. But a few weeks later I happened to see an IDT long distance commercial on T.V. and I noticed that thier symbol is quite simaler to NBC's eye. Both ovals were between 45 and 66 degrees, and made of two rings.

I noted that part of the oval is thin and one end is thick. Both have black slits too. This is when I realized that the NBC eye was very real. So I kept my eyes open for other companies who might be using the same symbol, and I was not long in looking for it. Infact, they are every where. But all one needs to do is walk through any store ((i.e. Wal*Mart)) and look at the various product logos. After seeing the many, many examples, I began to notice that there were other things these symbols had in common. Infact they don't have to be made of two rings, but can often be seen as two parts, i.e. two cresents, or just an oval.

The ovals sometimes cross through the letter " i " insinuating "eye". You will often see only part of the ovals. I finally figured out what these eyes were. . .Not only is this eye the eye of satan a.k.a. red dragon, but this is the infamous ((fnord)). In much after thought the name "fnord" says it all. The "Ford" symbol "N" everything, and by the same token only more so, it means: the inner circle of the elite, or who's in the "elite circle." Below are just a few examples of the fnord: NBC eye:

NBC eye:


Taco Bell:


700 Club:


TBN Europe:

Rod Parsley:

Satan's Playhouse:



Free Speech TV


The ((Oval)) office... which by the way is 13
letters. I'm sure that there is some relevance to this oval fnord buisness and the oval office.

Ignore the fnord and it won't eat you:
I understand how this fnord stuff is supposed to subconsciously cause
distress because this
fnord junk is sometimes shown in negative ways. i.e. The chicago dish logo from pizza hut, which has the fnord depicted with a fork where the letter "i" is supposed to be. Pitch fork?... note how the letter "i" in "chicago" is directly over the fork. With fnords the letter "i" is often highlighted.

TBN and prince charles coat of arms:
Some other info I thought ought to be mentioned here on this site is the fact that Trinity Broadcasting Network's logo is highly simaler to prince charles coat of arms. This is signifigant in light of the fact that he claims descent from christ through the
merongivian blood line, and that the major christian television broacaster is promulgating a generic version of his coat of arms. Coincidence?.... probably not.

TBN and 666:
Throught out the (Praise the Lord) intro, various arcs of light can be seen
falling onto the flat dipiction of earth, and bouncing into another arc. Notice that the flat dipiction of earth reflects the arcs of light. Well... towards the end of the Praise the Lord intro (when the jet like wind noise is heard) a blatant 666 is formed as a result of the arcs of light and the ref lection of them. Every one I've shown about this 666 in the Praise the Lord intro see's it as well, "all" of them. The 10
rings on Praise the Lord intro's flat dipiction of earth probably stands for
10 crowns.

There's this CNN commercial promoting itself saying:

news real fast

This short commercial has a clock in the background, which at the end of this ad, the clock is set at 11:00 then the minute hand moves to 11. Notice how the background is aqua like in color and movement. Aquarius all the way. And mostly dark. Do you know what time it is? I noted that there's 55 minutes to get to 11:00 from 12:00. By the way, 55 is the english gematria for satan i.e. A=1 B=2 C=3 ect. And hey there's 5 minutes left. Five is the blazing star of the frer macons, which is that goat headed spectacle, and the pentagon, the white house sattilite photos. Has Cutting Edge considered the tarot cards 15 through 17? Does the strange babtist flyer (with it's inverted star and two candles) represent the WTC attack ? Yeah ...

Also, when the regular CNN report starts again after the commercial, you'll
see that clock again. And the minute hand is moving to 11:00 again. This time you'll hear a jet like wind alerting you to it last occurance. So there's your 33. Also when this commercial starts you can see a blue fnord
surrounding the clock.

Here's my take on Shrek:

Shrek represents the nephilim hybrids (giants of the flood) and thus the seed of satan. The red dragon (satan) in the movie is chained and we are led to be sympathetic of it. Note that the dragon lives in a fortress with many stolen earthly treasures. Satan is known as (the lord of fortresses)Princess Fiona would represent the church (the body of Christ/the Bride.) Lord Farquad represents Christ (the Bride Groom.) At the end of the movie (Shrek/son of satan) arrives to stop the wedding of princess (Fiona/Church) and (Farquad/Christ). Listening to the pleas of Shrek, the princess becomes swayed to side with (Shrek/son of satan), then she is tranformed into a (giant/son of satan.) The now unchained (red dragon/satan) rebelliously breaks the church glass again, and devours (Lord Farquad/Christ.) Then princess (fiona/church) is set a blaze after becoming a giant.

The following concerns the Lord of the Rings movie and the interpretations I had of the scenes in the movie, it is note worthy that the release dates for the next two hobbits movies are on the 25th of december. Santa's / satan's day so to speak. You might remember that it was I who sent you the satanic
hints in the shrek movie info.

The rings seem to represent kingdoms, empires, & thrones. The riches &
powers, ect. of this world, possibly crowns.

1 to the dark lord: it's will to dominate, one ring to rule them all.
"The One"

3 to the elves: immortal, wisest, fairest of all beings.
7 to the dwarf lords: great miners, and craftsmen of the mountain halls.
9 to the men: rings gifted to men, who above all else desire
power. For in these rings bore the strength and
will to govern each race.

If the "one" ring is added to the nine of men the there would be 10 total.
This could represent
the ten crowns on the 7 headed dragon. The rings are like crowns. Ten kings give thier power over to the first beast so they will rule for one hour.

Sauron has "his one" ring cut off, 2500 yrs. pass, then gollum gets it for
This equals 3000 yrs or 3 days to God.

Later at Bilbo's 111th Bday party, a fire work is stolen, a (red dragon fire
work) and is fired and
becomes rather firey, then swoops over the town.

Frodo running behind frodo says:
" look out for the dragon!"

Then Bilbo says:
" There's not been a dragon in these parts for over a 1000 yrs.

Well the red dragon of the bible is satan
and he is bound for 1000 yrs.So If I'm
interpreting this correctly, this means
that he is loosed on the 3rd day, right after 2000 yrs...

Bilbo who is close to Gandalf disappears, Who later appears before gandalf the grey / or God the Father. After Bilbo's being reproached about the ring / ( sin ?), He is then sent on the ( narrow ?) path to Rivendell / ( Heaven ?). heaven because it is were the elves who are immortal wisest and fairest of all created beings live.

Later Frodo posseses the ring & Sam Wise Gamgee is taken from the shire as a remnant (1 in a 1000) and told to follow Frodo. Sam is wise because he does. Sam wise at the end of the movie follows after Frodo into a lake of water unto death as a babtism because he was told to follow Frodo. He is Later Pulled from the valley of the shadow of death, where sam wise waited for Frodo.

Sarumon "the wise" betrays Gandalf the Grey in a battle which in a twist of the biblical account has Gandalf confined for a day to God, or 1000 years to us, on a tower representing the high places of the heavens. When Sarumon is confronting Gandalf on top of the tower, Gandalf refuses again to join with sauron and takes flight on eagles wings. As Gandalf is flown to safety, Sarumon says: "So you have chosen the way of death."

When Gandalf is looking into info about the ring he has a map with a red
dragon at lonely mountain, and lonely because God had confined it for a 1000 yrs / or chained for a day in the high place, then thrown to the earth because is no longer found for the dragon or his angels. Lonely because God is against them. When loosed the dragon knows it's time of destruction is at hand, and works quickly to decieve, devoure, and destroy as many as possible.

Pippen later refers to a time of lunch as elevensies. I interpret this as the
time to devoure, as in shrek's red dragon did the lord farquad. 11 is the age of aquarius. The 7 headed dragon came out of the ocean .

Later on in this movie Sarumon is told
of an ogre:

"The trees roots go deep..."
Sarumon responds:
"Tear them all down..."

The trees represent those who are grafted into the olive tree that is
abraham's seed, and who are rooted in Christ. This alludes to the great tribulation.

When the 8 Black Ringwraiths are following after the 1 white horse carrying Frodo who is dying and the she elf, I was reminded of the phrase "Behold a pale horse, it's rider was death and hell follow behind it." This would mean frodo is dead and the she elf? ... Well this leads me to think, that frodo is symbolicaly dead so when frodo awakes in rivendell, he is awaking in heaven amoungst the elves
and a great assembly, who judges the fate of the ring, and thus the rings.

Later when the fellowship are crossing the snowy road of the mountains,
Sarumon is pictured speaking into the air afrom on top is tower/high places. Then one in the fellowship says: "There's a foul voice inthe air!" Then lightning hits a cliff above the fellowship, and an avalanche covers them shortly. This would allude to satan as the God of forces in the high places.

When passing through the dwarves mines they encounter an anceint demon of the underworld called a balrog, this name is probably derived from "baal" as found in biblical references of the old testament.

The dungeons and dragons cartoon had series had a 7 headed dragon called
and each head had a different power/or "force". A veritable god of forces... Note that it was the most predominant evil creature / forces throughout the series.


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