The Blasphemy Network

The acronym T.B.N. stands for the "Trininty Broadcasting Network", but should really stand for "The Blasphemy Network", as others have coined the term. I've obviously written this article because I'm convinced TBN is not as christian as they proclaim and is espoused by others. I see the need for me to add my two cents so as to warn you, and others out there about various signals I've become aware of concerning TBN. There are plenty of articles posted on many web sites with numerous incriminating quotes from Paul Crouch, Binny Hinn, and thier ilk. So I'm not going over the same material that's already covered out there. The signals I'm going to highlight are not mentioned anywhere, because they have been overlooked, as they are subtle like the serpent. Though when you are made aware of these signals they become seemingly blatent. The sheep have wool over thier eyes, so without any further adue, I'll cut through the subtle clouding.

First of all, TBN has a show called "Praise the Lord." The intro of this particular show is what I would like to direct your attention too. Towards the end of the intro, there is an optical illusion created that in effect forms 666. There are several beams of light that come down from the top of the screen throughout the show, which bounce off of a flat dipiction of the earth, and into various arcs of light. At the intros end, when your visage is spinning around the back of the praise the lord symbol/logo, the continous arcs of light reflecting off the flat dipiction of earth, create the illusions intended 666 effect. After your visage has spun around from behind the "Praise the Lord/coat of arms" symbol, you will then hear "Praise the Lord" being sung at a fervent pitch.

I called the TBN hot line number some years ago and asked them about the 666 I found in thier praise the lord intro, who made it ect. I was transfered to someone in production. this person didn't seem to think much about it, and didn't give any answer as to who had created the intro, but who ever it was did go on to say sarcasticly that they didn't doubt my seeing it. A little more than a year later, I went on to email my concerns to Paul Crouch himself directly. I have not heard from him at all, and this was to be expected really, I did get a generic response from someone at TBN telling me he was very busy traveling, and they gave me his P.O. box ect. Lately on TBN, I have seen a short clip of this same intro used as a self promoting commercial. It cuts the whole intro and starts with the 666 illusion. This is a sinister signal indeed. I ask that you would not take my word whether this is true or not, Go and check TBN's web site for when the show "Praise the Lord" comes on next. When watching the intro, listen for the jet like wind noise, as this is when the illusion is coming up.

The second thing I noticed was that this logo for TBN is highly simaler to "prince charles of wales" personal coat of arms. Incase you were born yesterday, many believe that princ e charles could be the antichrist. It is plausible that it might even be his first son william. Check for yourelf. The link below is some audio/video evidence on prince charles of wales being the antichrist :

prince charles:

It takes a second to load, but click on the link called: ((Sid Roth - It's Supernatural, 12/25/2000))

At first I doubted whether prince charles of wales could be the antichrist, because he seems like an uninteresting nobody, but I'm becoming more convinced. But consider how it is written:

"I ((satan)) will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.16 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the ((man)) that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; 17 That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?"

Psalms 22:19-21
"But be not thou far from me, O LORD: O my strength, haste thee to help me. 20 Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog. 21 Save me from the lion's mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns."

Now look at prince charles of wales (coat of arms) at the link I've provided below:

prince charles coat of arms: Now compare TBN's coat of arms to prince charles of wales coat of arms: TBN's logo:

This link provides alot of information on the possibilty of prince william being the antichrist. prince william:

The morbid fact is, TBN is part of an incremental acclimization program created by a satanic "illuminated elite". I anticipate that the over all goal of this plan is to get would be christian people ready to accept the coming antichrist prince as the long awaited return of the messiah. The antichrist will have to be acceptable to the jewish people as they are still looking for thier messiah to come, and it is very note worthy that many are starting to believe that british royalty is decendent from king david through whats called the merongivian blood line, a.k.a. "The holy grail". Perhaps the TBN coat of arms being shown all day long on christian T.V. with the chorus of "Praise the Lord" is preperation for christians to view the prince/king of wales as the messiah. Of course there will have to be various miracles to drive this idea home, but the idea here is to slowly turn up the heat till the frog is cooked.

Reason number three proves beyond a shadow of doubt that a satanic group is involved with TBN. Anyone who has vigorously researched the sorid depths of conspiracy theories will no doubt run across the term "fnord". Well, whatever one would run across on the web, it's all disinformation. One day I woke up from the ignorance of it's identity, only because those using it were to blatent in their usage of it. Namely NBC. When I first saw the NBC reptillian eye picture,

NBC eye:

I thought that this guy was trying too hard to see this eye thing. But a few weeks later I happened to see an IDT long distance commercial on T.V. and I noticed that thier company logo is quite simaler to the NBC reptilian eye picture.


Both ovals were tilted (like an angry eye), and made of two rings. I noted that these odd ovals were thin and one end is thick. Both have black slits too. This is when I realized that the NBC eye was very real. So I kept my eyes open for other companies who might be using the same symbol, and I was not long in looking for it. Infact, they are every where. All one needs to do is walk through any store ( i.e. Wal*Mart ) and look at the various product logos. After seeing the many, many examples, I began to notice that there were other things these symbols had in common. The ovals sometimes cross through the letter " i " insinuating "eye", sometimes twice. You will often see only part of the ovals. Infact they don't have to be made of two rings, but can often be seen as two parts, i.e. two cresents, or just an oval. I finally figured out what these eyes were, these oval eye's depict the eye of the red dragon, a.k.a. satan, but has is called ((fnord)) In much contemplative after thought, the name "fnord" says it all. It means: The "Ford" blue oval symbol "N" everything, and by the same token (only more so), it means: the inner circle of the elite, or who's in the "elite circle." They must have contrived the fnord partly from the christians use of two rings when creating the familiar "fishers of men" symbol. The numerous links I provided below are just a few examples (out of many) to be seen of the fnord:

Taco Bell:
Note that the bell is red, insinuating the red dragon, having yellow eyes with a black slit as a pupil.

This one is really rather blatant. Note the human eye shape around the letter ( i ), & behind it a tilted oval. Consider the two rings surrounding the EIDC letters.

TBN Europe:
This one raises my hair a little, because this is a christian T.V. company. Each cresent is made of two parts which together insinuate the evil oval signal as I mentioned.

Consider how everyone is "IN" the evil elite circle. This is a good example of seeing only part of the oval. Note that the oval doesn't have to be comprised of two parts.

Rod Parsley:
This infamous TBN preacher has it on his web site intro. You will see another one on this sites home page, look for the harvest prep logo. Note how the oval doesn't always have to be tilted.

700 Club:
Consider how they are each within an oval, having the thin, thick qualities.

Aquire the Fire:
A teenage christian show on TBN. More of the same thin and thick oval stuff. look at how the vertical part of the letter ( t ) could be construed as a slit pupil. There is another christian teen show on TBN's new JTV network called "24/7" Check out the shows logo, and you will see that the yellow slash between the numbers 24 and 7 can be viewded as the slit pupil intersecting the tilted oval.

Note this fnord it made of two cresent "moons". Thier not even hiding this one.

Super Channel:

That's no halo!!!

Paula White Ministries:
This one is so subtle, but once you know what to look for, you see through the various tricks. Look at the curved wavy yellow thing made of two parts having the thin and thick attributes, then ask your self this: "Why is that blue slit there?" Well, because it's an (albeit) rather abstract fnord... I know this one seems like a stretch but consider the next link below.

Without Walls Intl. Church:
I've went back to this site to be sure whether this pages particular fnord was still there and it was missing, but I put this link here just incase it's put back on. I was watching Randy White on TBN one day and happen to notice his tie, It was a vertical fnord depicted as dripping down the tie. It was a sermon on couples relationships or something.

This a some christian teaching resource of sorts. Scroll down after the page loads to see another version of thier fnordified awana ideas logo, or is it "eye deas??

World Christians Online:
This isn't a halo either, and looking at it as an orbit is part of the trick to play it off.
This one is made of two rings, and look how the point & click arrow alludes to the dragon slit pupil.

cool i cam:
Look at the two rings, They just had to jump on the ( i ) of icam, surely this will have a subconscious effect on the masses after a while.

Motion Picture Association:
This one has been under our noses for a long time. See how it looks like an eye?

Satan's Playhouse:
This example (because of the colors red and yellow) depicts the evil oval as two parts, with the usual thin and thick qualities.

Though NASA now has a better example of this oval buisness, this old version suffices well to prove my point. Note the red slit in the tilted oval.The version I saw on t.v., was not very orwellion use of symbology at all, and was probably the official version. It was a tilted oval made of two rings having thick & thin attributes, with a slit resembling a shark tooth pointing downward. On this slit was a smaller horizontal slit, probably used to drive the slit idea home.

Nasa quest:
Another NASA example. I noticed the little blue guy looks alot like a letter ( i ) & very much like a slit as well. Note the left hand path.

X Prize:
At the top left corner of this site you will see that this X Prize logo is actually a fnord with a large letter ( i ) intersecting it, as the slit pupil.

This is the most commonly depicted version of the fnord to be found. Looks like something is keeping those eyes on us conspiracy buffs.

Free Speech TV:
Watching what you say to be sure...

WAVE America:
Hey ... they're "looking" out for your best interests. Go figure...

Gravity Games:
Albeit a non tilted oval, this fnord has the thin & thick motif with a distinct vertical slit through the middle of it. Note the red background.

Dish Network:
Look how the letter ( i ) is highlighted. This oval has the increasingly familiar thick & thin characteristics.

Cable Lynx:

A high tilt but a fnord none the less. Note the thick & thin aspect of the oval. Since I'm on this internet thing, if your using Internet Explorer, take a look at that "e" up at the top right corner of your browser. Outlook Express is not exempt either.

Diamond Back:
Note the reptilian reference here.

Elements bev:
This is snapples new drink, scope the logo, "two moons" create the oval. Search the site for the drink called elements, and you'll see a two ringed version of the thier fnord.

See how the concentric cicles form many black slits to choose from?

This an excellent example of the more abstract versions of the fnord. The letter ( i ) is highlighted twice with two lines that insinuate an oval.

Montel Williams:
Consider how the "ON" is surrounded by it's own circle. I probably means "iN" the "O". As the "ON" when shown on T.V. is shown backwards before being flipped around and placed with the other letters.

Nii communications:
After this page loads scroll down to see the fnord. This one doesn't resort to the oval either, but rather relies on the thick / thin quality, and the highlighting of the letter ( i ) twice to drive the fnord home.

Pizza Hut:
Look at how the letter ( i ) is highlighted twice.

This one is hidden fairly well, look at the blue northern most latitude of the globe like depiction. Mant slit pupils to choose from. Note the oval has the thick & thin characteristics commonly found in fnords.

So obvious... even highlights the letter ( i ) is the root of all evil...

Ring of fnords:
No doubt this site proves some knowledge of what a fnord is, as the site logo utilizes an elongated oval.

At this point it would serve this matter well to look at Eliphas Levi's depiction of baphomet:

Notice the two crecent moons. Surely thesetwo cresents moons are what is being alluded to in many of the fnords. Below are some good examples of the two cresents found in many fnords.

Bush Furniture:
This site just drips with fnords

Mountain Dew:
new hair cut?... no, but it's a new look for the dew.

Nasa is missing a letter for sure...can't they can affnord a letter T?

Go figure ... we should all know that this fnord in a pyramid means "eye", as we see it on the 1 $ bill all the time. I conjecture that the letter "A" can be viewed as the pyramid & capstone of the 1 $ bill, & thus the all seeing eye. The "OL" would mean (of lucifer). I'm out on a branch here, but it's a strong one.

Net 2 Phone:
O.K. ... notice the black slit through the large white version? And with the sky coming out of it, kinda reminds me of the prince and power of the air, wicked things in high places, ect, ect.

Space Hab:
Here you will see two black moons surrounding an orb. This is a fnord.

Life Way:
Wow new look for lifeway "christian" stores ... No one will question the two moons around the cross. Sheeple ... wool over the eyes ... Note that you only need part of the thick & thin oval to get fnordified.

Snapple's Elements: blue moons aren't all that rare. Copyright infringment anyone?

TBN Europe:
These blue moons deserve another look. Consider what TBN is...At this point I should point out that when TBN shows it's coat of arms on T.V. it starts out as a white fnord with a dove over it. This fnord is comprised of "if I'm not mistaken" 10 concentric rings, possibly alluding to the 10 crowns of the seven headed dragon/ first beast from out of the sea.

O.K. I'm sure everyone by now has heard about the 911 conspiracy theory surrounding the $20 dollar bill. Well ... Look at the picture of the white house on the back. No, don't fold it, just look at the fact that it is surrounded by an oval with the thick & thin characteristics found in the fnords. Hey, . . . it's the Oval Office! By the way take a look at this sattilite over head of the white house. The white house is the southern tip of the upside down star, A.K.A. the head of the baphomet.

The White house:
Think about the phrase ("if you see the ring, you die in 7 days") in the movie called: "THE RING" This no doubt subconsciously intimidates peole into not seeing the fnord.

I'm sure that this is enuff info to get your eyes opened up to the presence of the fnords, and that TBN is using them in many of thier shows. You'll see them literaly every where now. No not every company is evil, but the (few) that are tend to amalgamate corporations into thier grasp. It is said that greed of money is the root of all evil, so this is a natural step for many corporations you can be sure. Jesus is the only answer. So don't bother spending to much time looking for the fnords, because you'll find them with out having to look for them, but rather spend your time searching for and knowing Jesus Christ.

Submitted by Jason