The Fourth Reich

There is a holocaust coming, that is clear. and just the beginning
of what will be revealed here in. I have data I have obtained,much of it affirming what I found out the hard way studying the occult, magic(k), and alternative medicine. It
brought me to conclude, unfortunately, that what Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr.
Richard Shulze, Dr. Lorainne Day ( excellent site!!!),
and Alex Jones have been saying all along, that a very real and
powerful "fourth reich" is on the rise, and that faulty vaccines,
designer stealth viruses and other "bioweapons", and perhaps even a
coming d.n.a. stranded biochip which may be required to have to be
able to buy or sell are all a part of the b.e.a.s.t. control system,
and sacrifices to the coming King, as they (occultists) put it . It's
a long story, but there is a TON of evidence that leads me to conclude
what these great alternative thinkers and pioneers have discovered
about the current events and mechanisms manifesting and operating in
our world today.

This "fourth reich" will be Luciferian, New Age, and
at it's core, Egyptian, which involves worship of the SUN god, Osisis,
Isis, and Horus, etc. The main mechanism of this Luciferian plan being
implemented on a world scale today is not only through elements of the
New Age movement, but through secret societies, the main one being the
FreeMason's - at 33rd degree knowing the "secret" which is mastery of
the seething energies of Lucifer. After having practiced magick
myself, I can now easily see the "ritual acts" of sacrifice such as
the WTC attack, evidenced by the ritual implementation of occult
numerology, gematria, and symbolism in the angles, astrological
correspondences (KEY to magickal evocation and ritual) and timing of
these events. It is truly clear as day WHEN you understand how high
magick operates. The evidence is OVERWHELMING and I will offer links
to conclusive evidence of this below. One website, the BEST I have
found so far in overall explanation of what's really going on behind
the scenes has suddenly dissappeared, and the author, ROBERT HOWARD,
cannot be reached, and doesn't respond to emails, which is HIGHLY
unusual. No one knows what happened, that is why it is only accessible
through The information here, as unusual as it may
seem, is TRUE.

Some of what I found through my occult studies and
practice I wrote to Robert, and he posted this to his award winning
website Hard Truth Wake Up America. Within days of his posting of my
latest findings connecting Crowley Satanism (Book of the Law) to the
number 11 so prominent to the Illuminati in the year 2001, the website
dissappeared. Howard often feared persecution and death for his
exposure of what is really going on. His website won over 15 awards,
and was visited by the U.S. Pentagon, and IMF, and World Bank, among
others. Without a doubt, a secret "government" exists which is solely
designed for a coming "martial law" scenario, and implementation of a
Luciferian New World Order. Even the Mondex symbolism (e-commerce)
involves the butterfly symbolism (Greek for Psyche - to capture your
soul in this chip) and the symbolism of BEHEADING (a 9th degree
masonic ritual symbolism) which indicates the possible use of
beheading or guillotines for those who refuse this new e-commerce
biochip identification system.

I am currently studying Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Puleo's findings,
which is of HIGHEST importance to ALL AMERICANS and people of the
earth at this time, due to the nature of the issue - intentional
massive depopulation efforts by the shadow government(s). AMAZINGLY
this plan for global domination and "jettison" of the masses was
hidden by Francis Bacon (cryptographer expert - taught by Dr. John Dee
the TRUE and ORIGINAL 007 - worked for Queen Elizabeth - also founder
of ENOCH ian that's ENOCHIAN magick, which the central seal of -
Sigillem Ameth - is the SAME design the Pentagon is designed off of at
it's core. It's a long story, but I personally was involved on a
initiatory level with the True Enochians.....which is another story
altogether. This is what helped me to verify some of the information
presented by these authors and researchers. I had recieved some data
from them, not contained in the books on Enochian (see the movie The
Ninth Gate for how this works) the books contain "blinds" and
"omissions" to keep the knowledge from the "profane" - a word the
Masons use to describe those not worthy of secrets.

In any case, here is Dr. Horowitz site & which I
personally am STILL expiramenting with (actually the Cybershaman
version now), having had GREAT results using the free 2 week demo
trial version. After studying magick and psionics previously for two
years, this was easier for me to understand than most, however, I am
still grasping and attempting to understand some of the key concepts
to using this technology. IN short, it truly does act as a "Prayer
Warrior" or "Miracle" delivery appliance once one learns to develop
the use of this amazing technology. We are still expiramenting with

O.k. Back to Robert Howard's Hard Truth Wake Up America, which helped
me, along with ( I honestly believe
Enochiania is used to contact "multidimensional entities" be they
"demons/nephilim" or "aliens" which may be all one in the same. It all
goes back to the Enochian, N.S.A. cryptographers cypher's and language
communications "experts" et. al. Remember, occult satanist Aliester
Crowley contacted a grey alien "Lam" with enochian, and the N.S.A. was
created the day of the Roswell incident, and date of Crowley's death.
Dr. Jack Parson and Ron L. Hubbard of Scientology, Parson was with
NASA, both used ENOCHIAN in the Babalon get
"intelligence" which helped both there fields. (Parson's has a crater
named after him on the Dark side of the Moon.) For truly understanding
how magic works see Franz Bardon's books, and Donald Michael Kraig -
the very BEST on magick, Caroll Poke Runyon now has a real live
demonic evocation filmed, the demon Vassagas giving an oracle that
comes to pass 13 days later....13 or 11 can't remember, it's on the
net, and was filmed by professional television crew.

Here are the two links to get you started, once you review this
material, especially the article and you will have no doubt in
your mind about what's going on. More ritual symbolism and "magick"
from NASA - &

Here is BLACK MAGICK or EGYPTIAN magick (masonic) applied to the WTC
attacks, the Presidential Inauguration (Bush as Horus or Osisis), and
NASA missions: keep in mind, a ritual magick act or sacrifice MUST be
performed at the appropriate magickal HOUR, magickal DAY, and, in
Egyptian magick, apparently, even with the correct numerological,
gematria, and symbolic correspondences, as well as incorporating the
magickal occult masonically important numbers 11, 13, 33, 39, 19.5, &
93 (Crowley and PHYSICS) and 77. I have no doubt in my mind that High
Level U.S. Intelligence operatives, at the higher levels, derivative
of the founding Fathers of British and US Intelligence agencies -
being ENochians and Rosicrucians (Dr. John Dee, and Francis Bacon -
who encoded the KJV Bible and the Webster's Dictionaries with the
Current Sacred Arcana being used to kill and depopulate the masses -
or "Jettison" which connects to the Chemtrails sprayings, and crystal
prions wich act as crystal transmitters when recieving the HARP
transmissions,,,these prions or "crystals" being lodged in our flesh
now) are totally dedicated to this Luciferian Implementation of a New
World Order. See CD's movie ANCIENT WISDOM for
proofs............these movies ARE NO LONGER available from any other
source, if at all. I know the connection of the Giant's SKULLS -
Nephilim - book of Enoch.

INTERESTING FACT: Exacly 11 years from the DAY of Senior President
Bushes speech first ever coining the phrase "NEW WORLD ORDER" the WTC
Sept. 11, 2001 attacks happened, which enabled the U.S.A. Patriot Act,
a major step toward NaziFascist Government. Occultists are OBSESSED
with RITUAL and NUMBERs and SYMBOLS. You will now SEE how clear all
this is, and how this works, once you see how magick really works,
because it does "work". Once you see this, you will see how the WTC
attacks were truly an act of ritual sacrifice. Some of the more
damning evidence has dissappeared with Robert Howard's last updates,
including my own posted to his site, which was lost when his site
dissappeared. Even so, the last archive of his site still has the old
data, which is still pretty convincing and evidentiary.

Remember, Hitler was an occultist and black magician to the core. I
have proof of this in movies no longer available to the public of his
occult involvement. His every move was occultic and astrologically
timed. His SS Nights were practicing necromancy in the SS Castle
contacting the Nordic Gods that gave the ethnic cleansing orders, and
doctrine of purity in the Aryan Race. Today, the same ethnic cleansing
is being done, but much more sophisticated with vaccines, stealth
bioweapons, and other methods outlined in Dr. Horowitz's book "Death
In The Air".

See Franz Bardon's "Frabato" for an idea of the story of Hitler's
search of the 99th black lodge.

It's all the same old story, new package.

award winning site, Robert Howards Hard Truth "Wake Up America" @
or by going to and searching
"" in the search box.

Remember, this guy just posted some of my material finding relating
satanism to the occult and WTC numerology, which I have studied for
over two years. The site dissappears suddenly. Look at the bottom, and
you will see the hits from the Pentagon, and IMF, etc."

Now, maybe you can see the Enochian - Mason - U.S./British
Intelligence connection and involvement with Theosophists,
Rosicrucians, and more IMPORTANTLY, as I was briefly - THE ENOCHIANS.

The skulls at are those of the Nephilim - the
angelic hybrids of man/watchers. God sent the flood to wipe them out,
and Book OF Enoch dropped from the Bible to keep us from knowing the
return of these "star gods", as it were before the flood in the days
of Noah, so will it be before the return of Christ. This means,
angelic watchers, or reptilian "aliens" or the like will be mating
with women again, producing offspring, as well as a rise of pagan
ritual, and human sacrifice. This is happening today at an increasing
frequency. I know, I have spoken to many, and see some of these things
(spirits activity) myself, as have others close to me.

Lastly, I highly recommend you give a listen to Alex Jones on talk
radio @ and see his movies "Bohemian
Grove" and "911 Road To Tyrrany". shows conclusively that Lucifer's folks
are controlling the show, and the time is VERY SHORT before End Time
events unfold. Dannion
Brinkley of "Saved By The Light" from his N.D.E. or death experience
in 1975 came back with 117 predictions from the beings of light, of
those, 95 have since come to pass. One, which is yet to pass, if of
the beast chip...........not bad accuracy rate for prophecy - 95 of
117 so far.

Lucifer is controlling the Catholic Church now

The Catholic Church has been responsible for more MURDERS
than any other institution in the history of man, a fact for which the
Pope publicly apologized for in a written letter a year or so ago in
response to this fact being brought out in Newsgroups by Dr. Rebecca
S. Harrison. The Catholic Church and Jesuit Black Pope, in
conjunction with it's mafia and intelligence connections, secret
underground library hording 90% of the worlds' ancient kaballistic,
astrological, magickal, and dead sea scrolls texts from public access
(for what reason? - to hide "truth" that would destroy the CHURCH and
empower the individual with spiritual truth). It is also a fact that
the Catholic Church is the WORLD's LARGEST CORPORATION. To see how
truly SATANIC the Catholic Church is, just witness the EGYPTIAN
OBELISK in the SOLAR DISK DESIGN in the Vatican Courtyard. The
Obelisk represents the Penise or Shaft of BAAL, and/or the SUn God Ra. and Satanism is ALive in the
Vatican!!! I myself have practiced the magickal arts, and ran into
these connections. The C.I.A., Vatican, world astronomical
observatories, are all connected. Of course, the Mafia Bosses all
report to the AchBishops, who being controllers of the families
spiritual - rather "religous" needs, direct them.
But the truest evil - the prison industry is now the number ONE profit
industry - replacing Information Technology at #2 - that is NOT good -
think about this....the Prison Planet has gone from intellectual
imprisonment and deprivation to the physical imprisonment of over 7
million people, and the numbers are growing, mostly for NON violent
crimes, and INDUSTRY and CORPORATIONS are now subcontracting labor out
to the prison populations - not a good mix.

THE POPE WORSHIPS THE BIG STONE Penise in the middle of the solar disk
(egyptian obelisk in Vatican (place of sorcerer's) lawn design/crop
circle) THE Catholic POPE WORSHIPS THE BIG STONE Penise! I have photo
evidence in links below! The
links in the paragraphs that follow will show photo's of the Penise of
Satan, or BAAL as the obelisk in the middle of the SUN disk in the
Vatican Courtyard. You will have to study & understand the
depth of this great deception. The links to the photo's follow the two
paragraphs below:
from these we can truly and honestly say the Pope stands before the
Penise (obelisk) of Baal in Worship and Adoration, clearly against
scriptural commandments to break idol images and graven images of
worship (Obelisk or "Phallus" penise of Baal/satan) BAAL or Lord
Lucifer of the UFO’s

This finds one origin in the Greek Circe, the goddess of deception who
lured men into her lair & transformed them into pigs. Jordan Maxwell
correctly points out that this is the same thing that is done by that
which we call the physical Church. The difference is that the latter
is done mostly with our consent. The actual origins of the word Church
go back to Egypt.

Obelisks are Church Steeples - and the NAB says God will crush these
temples - of the SUn God? The
Catholic Vatican is a true world evil, the Catholic Church is the
world's wealthiest corporation. The Bible states the love of
money is the root of all evil. Billions follow the deception
worldwide. Lucifer was the most brilliant of all angels. is his number one
game. Notice the Sun.
Catholics are so blind to this deception. An excellent overview at

Obelisk - A symbol of the lost penis of Osiris, the phallus, the lost
knowledge of wisdom over selfeshness. Also may represent a ray of
light. Obelisks are most commonly stone columns or pillars, usually
four sided, with a tetrahedral (four sided pyramid) top. The
Washington Monument, pillar at the centre of the Vatican Courtyard,
and the Eiffel Tower are examples of Obelisks. Symbol of Sun
worshipper's. Lucifer is The Sun.

Lucifer - The morning star. Represents the intellect. Followers of the
mysteries believe Lucifer is the true god, while the God of the Bible
was evil and vindictive, holding man in the garden of Eden as
prisoners. The theology of Luciferianism is the antihesis of the
teachings of Christ.

"As divine illumination is experience in the soul of the believer
through contact with the Holy Spirit, so also there is a counterfeit
light that poisons human thought and produces decay. There are
'seducing spirits' that impregnate human minds with 'doctrines of
"There is a white light of spiritual illumination. But there is also a
black light of demonic iilumination. Satan himself is transformed into
an angel of light.... Illuminism is black magic. Jannes and Jambres
manipulated these powers in the days of Moses. The attack is as old as
sin on the planet."
Luciferians teach, it is Christ who is the imposter and the Evil One,
while it's Lucifer who is the Good God. Like modern Witchcraft,
Luciferians do not believe that Satan exists. They do not believe
Satan and Lucifer are the same god.

Another Apostle of Lucifer, like Albert Pike, who was equal in the
knowledge of the Hermetic Sciences (Witchcraft) was one Aleister

The Birth Of The New World Order!
In the September issue of the Last Trumpet, I told the story of the
Washington Monument as the fertility object of the New World Order
which spewed out pulsating light (cum) on New Years' Eve. This
represented the reproductive organ of Baal or Satan and caused a
conception, which would bring forth a new child or "era" nine months
later. Remember that the Washington Monument is a type of Egyptian
architecture known as an obelisk, and a quick check at your local
library will prove that it represented the reproductive shaft (penise)
of the Sun-god!

the AntiChrist will justify the beheading of those who refuse to take
the marc of the B.E.A.S.T. supercomputer system.

The ancient Satanic Babylonian trinity of Isis, Horus and Osirus was
also symbolized by the architectures of the obelisk and the dome. This
is why so many buildings in both ancient and modern times incorporate
this in their design. Perhaps the most prominent example of this in
modern times is St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, the seat
of Roman Catholicism. St. Peter's is in the shape of an
exaggerated dome, with an ancient Roman obelisk directly in front of
the building. The obelisk (i.e., shaft of baal, or Horus) is symbolic
of the phallus of the false god Osirus, who was the sun-god. (Lucifer)
(Incidentally, the obelisk has a dual symbolism of representing both
the male phallus aspect of the Babylonian fertility cult, hence the
life-giving force of creation, and of a broken off ray of the sun,
hence representative of the sun itself). The dome is symbolic of the
pregnant belly of his wife Isis (who is symbolized by the moon and
also by a serpent). Isis the husband of Osirus is also represented as
being pregnant with the child Horus. Thus, the trinity of the
Babylonian Mystery religion is presented to us and is perpetuated
today by Roman Catholicism. Rome contains clear and evident signs of
being a part of this satanic trinity described in Revelation.

Just completed watching the entire film of Ancient Wisdom - on one of
the CD movie I got from - a flurry of information,
connections, insights, and possibilities came to my mind as I watched
this. These authors and speakers were saying a lot more than they felt
they could "put into words". It helped tremendously to be able to
"read the signs" and the symbols, and what was "not" revealed. These
show the skulls of the Nephilim Giants from around the world, and the
secrets of the pyramids. THE POINT to all this hidden archaeology and
taking the Book of Enoch out of the Bible-

Of course, now, after reviewing all the material, video's, and links
here, one can clearly see we are in serious trouble. Prescott Bush was
stopped by the U.S. Government in giving the Nazi's MILLIONS of
dollars in support in the form of loans through his New York bank in
the 40's...............and of course, we all know how the C.I.A. (read
Rosicrucian, Skull and Bones, Enochian fraternity) was lead by Bush
for a while, and his infamous "New World Order" speech in 1990, and
his term "a thousand points of light" used in his speeches is occult
for lucifers people. Exactly 11 years later to the day, the WTC
attacks took place - another crowning correspondent "ritual" act
involving the number "11".

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a
pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he
will take a Luciferian Initiation." - David Spangler, Director of The
Planetary Initiative of the UNITED NATIONS

National Security Agency - Lucifer's Greatest Tool

This speaks literally of "demonic" possessions, aliens breeding with
women,,,,the connections are becoming crystal clear. It is the MESSAGE
teachings...the coming INDWELLING.
FREEMASONRY IS LUCIFER's GREATEST TOOL. All the proof is here. here are the
proofs of the satanism of Bush, Pentagon, White House, etc. etc.
PICTURE PROOF! This data confers' with the NASA ritualistic space
programs outlined at

To understand how these occult types think, see and of course, the vatican is involved, and has been since the beginning: I gave picture proof's and insights in previous paragraphs earlier. It will blow you away - seriously.

After one understands and practices magick as I have, and read
thoroughly through the sites and books referenced above, you have NO
DOUBT that BUSH is a NAZI, or at the very least, his family is, and
the agenda is clear. The evidence is clear, a time of holocaust is
coming, and the same old occult phenomena of ethnic cleansing and
luciferian depopulation has been long planned, for hundreds of years,
the arcana and exposure of this plan being in Horowitz "Healing Codes"
and "Death In The Air". David H. Lewis was killed because his data
matches up with all the current christian and NON christian prophetic
credo's of the coming 7 year holocaust. His books are almost
impossible to obtain, save a few book stores like Alex Jones of is one of the
few left telling the tale of what's coming, and Ron Howard's Hard
Truth site, really exposing the depths of it all is just another
casualty in the war on suppressing this. Spread The Word. You have an
obligation to either disprove or prove this data - I am saying your
life and your families lives are in danger - check it out for
yourselves, the beginning of "fighting" this, is to expose it. I ask that
you print this for your records, record the data to cd's, pass it around to
friends and family. The evidence is clear. Forward this copy and paste to
email, and pass to your lists and friends. The children of the world deserve
to know the truth. People have died trying to get this knowledge to you. May
there efforts be rewarded.

Thanks for helping.

Sam Johnson

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