America land of the free is now a dictatorship. Their constitution has been stripped of its power because of new anti-terrorist laws. The real evil doers in power are well beyond approach. They certainly do not mind that people are being alerted to their crimes. Why is because nothing will ever be done to bring these criminals to justice. Their evil empire can now sit back and laugh at us. Here is just one example as seen in a TV cartoon called South Park. Please view it now by clicking the first picture at:

It is amazing how the NWO is in our faces with this cartoon. Not only that, they also admit they are not the all powerful gods as everyone believes them to be. The "plausible denial" factor is it is just a fictional cartoon that should not be taken seriously. Too many people fall for the delusion of the all controlling New World Order (NWO). The NWO presents itself as the all powerful OZ with we we the people as powerless pawns. Many think that that they are fighting the NWO by exposing all their evil deeds. Some have Web Pages full of information, some also forward news items to online groups. There in no shortage of conspiracy research online for all to see. So has it helped to fight or stop the NWO? No. Most people talk about the danger but never seem do anything about it. So what good is the knowing and having a head full of facts? Where are the protests in the streets and legal action against the NWO? Where are the people demanding that the media cover such issues such as  9-11, chemtrails and so on. In the final analysis, knowledge and education is meaningless without some kind of action on behalf of an organized public.
What the Illuminati has done, is to convince the public that they are all powerful and that the average person is powerless against them. Roman Christianity has its part to play too as they convince their flocks to just sit on their hands and do nothing. They are taught that all that is needed is to pray that the Rapture comes soon. They are taught to look for the antichrist and not the true Christ. The doctrine teaches that when the Rapture hits, all the saints are taken to heaven just before the antichrist comes, then all focus is on the antichrist. So if there is a fake Rapture, the ones left behind will convince new converts that Jesus Christ will return soon to destroy the antichrist since the Rapture is a major sign. Well it seems to me that an antichrist will be chosen to become a fall guy for their plan. Once eliminated, the world will be convinced that the next great leader to emerge will have to be the real Christ for the Second Coming, but it will be Lucifer himself. This scenario works for those who believe in Rapture and even those that do not. It is an Illuminati dream and plan that will never take place.
The foundation of the NWO is based on an ancient document called the book of Revelation, written by an unknown man who calls himself John. There is no verification that the book of Revelation is sacred except for the fact that the Holy Roman Empire approved of it trough a vote. If you dared to question their official stand, you would be tortured and burned alive at the stake. Today's Roman churches are not allowed to put people to death, but they can threaten us with torture and fire in a flaming lake. Tow the official party line doctrine, or burn baby burn. God (the Demiurge) will roll up his sleeves and with his divine love cast all of us that question into the eternal fiery furnace of damnation. the book of Revelation warns if you alter the words written, in any way, God will curse you. Talk about mind control!

The fact is that we should never live in fear and know that the Illuminati are NOT all powerful. Even when they convince us that the aliens are behind them, we should not give in to fear. They say Reptilians have taken over the White House, but what they neglect to tell us is that the Reptilians are cowards. They only control and feed off the weak as well as the ignorant. If we live in fear, we feed them and help them grow even more. As a rule of thumb, we need to ignore the voice of the great and almighty OZ. They are nothing more than a feeble old man behind a curtain convincing people that their illusion of power is real.

Fear is how evil forces and energies control us. We are constantly bombarded with fear through the media with news about war, emerging diseases, earthquakes and other such things. People like Alex Jones feeds the fear machine giving the elite even more power and control! This is one of the main reasons I have never linked Alex Jones or Jeff Rense to my site. Awareness is one thing, feeding fear is another. It is all set forth to makes us feel powerless and victimized. Are we just mere pawns and a satanic power struggle? Are we powerless?

In the New Testament it says, "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." I Jn 4:4. So as children of the true God, who is in us? It is Christ the one who overcame the world. What the Illuminati has done is to convince us that this is not important since they of the NWO are all powerful. They are the great and almighty OZ and we are the cowardly lions. Why are we cowards if we have Christ in us? By believing in the illusion that tells us that we are powerless lions, we create our own false reality and prison.
The illusion tells us that our flesh is who we are. We live, grow old, become sick, then die. Because of this we fear death and they gain much power over us. What a fantastic lie. The fact is that we are spirits in flesh. We are Sons of God trapped in flesh who controlled and slaved by the Demiurge and his Illuminati of fleshly matter. We are cattle to the evil archons and they are the ranch owners. Our flesh is no more the real than the cocoon of a butterfly is. When we die we are released from this prison of flesh and all the pain and sorrow that goes with it. We are spirits and not flesh. The flesh is only the shell that we spirits operate through. When we die the real reality begins.
As Sons of God, we are Gods in flesh. Romanist Christians will balk at this statement calling it heresy, but Christ referred to the evil Pharisees as Gods. "Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods" '? John 10:34. So if we are Gods with Christ in us, why do we act like cowardly lions? Why are we not releasing our own spiritual power that is in us instead of cowering before the Demiurge of OZ? Why are we not refusing to except illnesses and fear as our false masters. Why are we not believing the divine within us and releasing the power within ? The power to overcome disease and even the world.

What the churches focus on is Satan, antichrist, and how sweet Jesus is. Never once do they focus on Christ in us except in terms of salvation. If we are born as sons of God, then we are born in salvation and heirs to the kingdom. Why is it that all focus only placed on salvation and not the power of Christ within? Why are we taught that we have no power and this is why we have to submit to gods that claim to have all power? Gods that say they have to be worshiped and that only through them can we be protected, when in fact it is us that have the power of Christ within? Is Christ asleep in us? Why does the church preach we have no power outside of them and their God when scripture says, "So Jesus said to them, "Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have belief as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you." Matt 17:20

Now I am not talking about some big charismatic revival at all. It is looking within for the power to change ourselves and the world. Let us all stop looking to governments, faith healers, and anything outside of ourselves. It is the power within that can knock the Illuminati to the ground. Everything within is reality, all that is outside is illusion and of the flesh. All matter is an illusion and a deception. There are no political solutions and change only comes from spirit centered people coming together as one.

The NWO is not united at all. They are all back stabbers and only team players when it is convenient for them. The fact is they are a house of cards. As far as the aliens go in terms of backing the NWO, they are many other humanoid species at large that will attack them or any one else attempting to take over by going for all the marbles. So what does the future hold for the Sons of God.

Very soon from now a new age will begin and the Christ within us will transform us in a twinkling of an eye. Then the end of this age will come and a new one will begin.

"So shall it be at the end of the age: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just." Matt 13:49

Maybe all the preoccupation exposing the NWO, etc; keeps us from seeking higher truths about ourselves.

-The End-

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