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Reject Religion. Embrace Faith
Unplug Your Mind

Gnostic Christianity and the Myth of Sophia
Bette Stockbauer

On the History of Cosmic Gnosis
by Jordan Stratford

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-Who we are and
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-What are the Archons.

Stargods is a 100% free site. There is no charge for any truths, opinions, articles, facts, etc. Truth seeking should never be about making a profit. Empowerment is not for sale! Webmaster is an ex-Fundamentalist Christian set free in Christ

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Articles have ceased as I have moved on to video Vlogs.
Although the messages are short and less in depth,
there is an abundance of articles in the archives

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C - CHRISTianity not CHURCHianity
B - a BODY of believers, not a BUILDING


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The mission of Stargods is to question everything including all sacred cows

Want the real un-simulated truth of who we are, ETs Reptilians, and other subjects? Then click the picture. -----> - Star Trek the Cage
This show contains much information on how the Archons/Reptilians control us. There is one error in this show. Love, and not hate, blocks their influence of control over us.

NA$A Busted!

All your privacy is now gone. Win10 is a full and complete spyware system monitoring you with microphone and video as well as everything you type. All information is sent to and backed up at Microsoft. If you do anything that is percieved to be "illegal", Microsoft states that the will contact the authorities. Microsoft now has access to all private, banking, and business information through Win10.

This needs to go viral!

Exodus to Antarctica

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The Holocaust against Germany!
Can you handle the truth?

Hellstorm: The Rape and Mass Murder of German Women after WWII

Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans

War crime trials for allied soldiers overdue

The war of "extermination" of the German people

Winston Churchill Mass Murderer

Stalin Murdered Millions

Genocide against the
German people

John Lash in this radio interview offers a solution to the pyschopathic problem of their corporate NWO

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Hard Truth - Reality Films - Hidden world history - Al Fry- Red Ice Creations- What is an Archon?-
-The Internet Sacred Text Archive -
Meta History - Gnostic Christianity- Mind Control in America -Bet Emet Ministries- Rise of the Archons- Sophianic Vision

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